Our Plant Hire Services

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Dry Hire

Dry hire services are excellent for tackling specific parts of a project, and not the project as a whole. This “spot hiring” means you end up paying way less throughout your project.

Wet Hire

Wet hire services are seen more like a “package deal” when choosing between wet hire services and dry hire services. There’s less that you, as the project manager, has to oversee and juggle, and you can leave the complex construction problems to your hired expert who will ensure the job is done safely, and correctly.

Labour Hire

There are many benefits for utilising our labour hire service. We handle payroll, taxes, the interview and hiring process, making sure that both the labourers and supervisors are satisfied with their experience. All this comes for a reasonable fee.

Supervisor Hire

Construction sites can come with a wide range of hazards. While this is accepted as part of the job, you want to do everything you can to minimise, and even eliminate, the risk of something going wrong, whether this is an injury to one of the contractors or damage to the structure or materials.